Who we are

Polaris Models blends modern technologies with traditional skills to provide our clients the best possible pieces of work.

Welcome to Polaris Models, where high quality custom build models are tailored to your needs. We combine our Shipbuilding and Sea Technology insight with true craftsmanship to bring your boat, yacht and  architectural models to life.

The Founders

Master Model Maker Plamen Krastev founded the business in 2001 with more than 35 years’ experience in the ship model building. After many years working behind the scenes in the model making industry. He was ready to achieve more in business and for his family.

His intention and outlook was clear;  to create a own company, under his own name. A name which will mean something. A name that everyone will know.  After years of founding corporations and being a director in many established companies, Plamen wanted to follow his heart. He started the model making business because that’s were his true passion was. It was an additional blessing that this passion could turn into a father and son venture.

“My father created many businesses and was director on massive companies. He started the model making business because of his love for model making”

Plamen was able to pass down the experiences and craftsmanship to his son, who at that time, was studying Shipbuilding and Sea Technology. Polaris models then became locally known as the Father/Son duo of the model making industry.  Together they named the business – Polaris Models and the dream was soon to become a reality!

Unfortunately, at 47 years old, Plamen passed away. It was a shock to the entire family, but especially Kaloyan. In honour of his father, Kaloyan kept the business running and works everyday to achieve the dreams that his father had for Polaris Models. That same dream which was born when they began working together.

“We cannot say it is in Plamen’s memory, because when you enter our workshop you can feel his presence, you can see his soul in each detail. You can see his legacy.”

Polaris Models continues to uphold the legacy left by Plamen by always delivering quality bespoke custom scale models, restoration projects,  wooden boats and ships and more.

“Where there is no technology or machine to build something, we invent it”

They have a company motto which stats – never decline a  project  due to the “complexity” of the work, take it and you will find the way.

No matter how big or small your custom project may be, our specialist model makers are here to bring your vision to life. We believe that anything is possible and appreciate a challenge!

Yacht Model Martha Gunn 59

See our projects

If you were to visit us at our workshop in Potters Bar in the UK, you would find the latest model making materials and machinery to create your bespoke models for our wide variety of clientele, from oil and gas companies, offshore engineering companies, shipyards, yacht manufacturers, museums, universities, charity organisations, private individuals and much more.