We offer bespoke 3D printing services. We can print parts from your files or create 3D CAD model based on sketches and 2D plans ready for printing. The 3D printed parts can be hand finished by our experts or used as a stand-alone model or prototype.

Small scale designs can be 3D printed as a whole solid structure, or designed as a “kit” structure that can be easily assembled into complex model or prototype. Our range of additive manufacturing equipment includes FDM and SLA 3D printers. 

Polaris Models 3d Printing In London

3D printing is a manufacturing process where a material is built up layer by layer based on a 3D digital model. The foundation of a high-quality print lays within the accuracy of the CAD model which makes up the majority of the work. This technology can create parts within hours, which speeds up the production of prototypes and models. The application of this technology for fabricating models and prototypes ensures high level of precision and accuracy. Each 3D printed component requires some post processing steps many of which require expert level of hand skills. 

Building a scale model requires careful analyse of each component in order to determine the right technology of manufacturing. The amalgamation of 3D printing with other model making technologies such as laser cutting,

photo-etching, CNC milling, moulding and casting, etc yields the best results. The combination of different materials and technologies enable us to build wide-range of high-end scale models.

3d Printing