We offer a range of decal manufacturing services depending on your specific needs. We are able to work from artwork provided by you or we can design it based on your concept or idea. Equipped with professional tools and machines we are able to produce intricate and high-quality designs using

waterslide decals, vinyl stickers, heat transfers and more. For vivid colour decals on darker surfaces our machines can print underlying white background to eliminate transparency of the image. If you need our designers and model makers to help realise your idea, contact us

Rannoch R20 Ocean Rowing Scale Mode Boat 8

Waterslide decals are generally used on a small scale designs. The artwork is printed on a waterslide paper which is soaked in water in order remove the backing sheet and then applied it to the desired surface. 

Vinyl decals are graphic designs produced by cutting single colour vinyl sheets on a vinyl cutter. Once the design is machine-cut, weeding takes place to remove the excess material leaving only the artwork. 

Heat transfer decals find application in textile and hard surfaces. The artwork is printed on a special transfer paper with adhesive backing. The decal is applied using heat equipment to certain temperature and time. 

Decals are widely used on scale models and provide the final touch to them. The decal technology is chosen depending on the combination of a few factors such as size, complexity, surface type, colour scheme, etc.  For small and complicated

decals, we use waterslide technology for example on marine, vehicle and aerospace models. We use vinyl for larger decals mainly in mono colour for instance on large scale models or outdoor projects. We use heat transfers when making sails for yachts, marketing materials and displays. 

Rannoch R20 Ocean Rowing Scale Mode Boat 4