We provide bespoke photo etching services. We are able to etch designs based on your 2D CAD work or create one based on your drafts and art works. The expertise of our engineers and model makers ensures a high-quality outcome. We work

with a variety of materials including brass, nickel silver, copper and stainless steel. Your intricate designs can be accurately replicated to a high degree of detail which you can use for your scale models or other projects. 

Photo Etching Services

Photo etching also known as “Chemical Milling” and “Acid Etching” is a manufacturing process which allows us to transfer 2D CAD drawings onto metal sheet. A “photo-tool” is produced using the desired artwork transferred as a negative drawing upon photographic film. The metal sheet laminated with photosensitive film is exposed and hardened through UV light and transparent film with imprinted design. The unhardened resist is washed away with the help of alkaline solution the artwork is developed. The bare metal is gradually etched away by an acid simultaneously on both sides. Using an alkaline solution, the completed etched metal is striped from the resist film.

Photo etching is one of the most accurate technologies used in scale model making. This method is specifically used to create complex yet fine details finding application in architectural, ship models, oil and gas displays. The

technology is crucial when creating small parts, requiring the strength of metal. Combining photo etching with 3D printing enable us to achieve a high level of detail in small scales.

Polaris Models Photo Etching