We provide a wide range of bespoke finishing services on all kind of materials, including spray-painting, hand finishing, ageing, antique finishing, patinating, polishing and many more. Based on your requirements we are able to use or match any

colour codes and make lacquer finishes from high gloss to pure matt. We work with most of the paint and lacquer types. Our designers and model makers are ready to assist you with any queries you might have. 

Spray Paining Services

Spray painting is a painting method in which a device sprays coating material over a surface using air pressure. Depending on the scale of the work the paintwork can be achieved using air spray gun for lager surfaces or air brush for smaller and more complex areas. 

Traditional finishing involves different techniques and hand skills which are usually used to achieve antique or handcrafted look. Wooden surfaces can be finished using stains, varnishes, oils, French polish, ageing, etc. Metal surfaces can be polished, blasted, coated, blackened, plated, brushed, patinated and more. Textile surfaces can be aged, dyed, painted and heat transferred. 

The finishing processes are the final touch to every model and are essential to its appearance. Large components such as vessel hulls and superstructures, facades on architectural models, panels, plinths are spray-painted using air gun. Parts with fine details such as fittings, cranes, complex constructures, vehicles, miniature models, landscapes, figurines are finished using airbrushes. 

During restorations we are using many traditional finishing techniques to provide authentic look. Using textile or polymers with a combination of finishing methods we are able to produce realistic sails on models form modern yachts to historic ships.

Polaris Models Spray Paining