What we do

We help the things are shaped with great care and passion for the smallest details.

Throughout the years we have undertaken projects ranging from small-scale models to large-scale installations in different parts of the world. Working as part of a team on a large-scale project we can quickly adapt to any situation and provide a solution. In most cases keeping all stages of a project in-house, enables us to maintain high standards.

We can further develop and materialise a client’s idea to fully achieve the desired result. From start to finish our services aim to satisfy even the most complicated and ambitious designs. Thrust and confidentiality are key components in our policy complementing each and every project.

We work with

We work in collaboration with architects, designers, artists, sculptors, historians, engineers, naval architects, jewellers and more.

We work for

Our clients include oil and gas companies, offshore engineering companies, shipyards, yacht manufacturers, museums, universities, charity organisations, private individuals and more.

Our focus is

Our aim is to constantly provide the highest quality of craftsmanship and a perfect record of satisfied clients. We are ready to take risks in order to make our products stand out and maintain a long-term relationship with our clients.