It is essential after the model is complete to be properly installed and appropriately encased with a suitable cover. During the 3D modelling process of custom builds, we design a plinth and cover based on the client’s requirements and

location. In some cases, we are able to provide 3D CAD illustration for better visualisation of the model, base and environment. To ensure the model is well protected yet looks at its best we can make the display case in any shape or size.

13 Valaris Ds 8 Drill Ship Scale Model

Our comprehensive service includes antique style display cases and cabinets to modern and futuristic displays in accordance to the historic period, type, surroundings and occasion. Working with traditional materials such as ply, MDF, OSB, acrylic and metals including exotic materials like wenge, ebony, mahogany, marbles, bone and leather or engineered composites. The display covers can be made of acrylic or glass depending on the requirements. The acrylic cover provides a light weight solution which includes UV protection ensuring the long-lasting lifespan of the model. The glass cover suits a more traditional model and could be framed with exotic wood for authentic look. While glass covers are scratch resistant, the acrylic covers provide better safety.

To achieve seamless joins, we use special glues which also guaranties a strong bond. Taking into consideration the temperature and humidity of the environment in which the model will be displayed we make sure the model will last in

its enclosure. Each display case is designed in a way to compliment the model and focusing the viewers’ attention towards the model.  For special occasions such as exhibition, trade shows or museum displays we can design intricate graphics which will highlight the purpose of the model.

11 Valaris 8503 Semi Submersible