The purpose of a scale model boat or ship is to illustrate the shapes and lines of the actual vessel demonstrating her beauty.  These types of replicas are often commissioned by ship builders, designers, brokers, owners and museums to be displayed at renowned boat shows, exhibitions, offices and lobbies or for private collections. Depending of the purpose of

the model we are able to make anything from miniature to large scale replicas. With years of experience, we are confident in building bespoke and high-quality nautical scale models.  We guarantee absolute confidentiality during any project we undertake.

Ss Corinthic Model Ship 4

Gathering the necessary information and drawings is the first thing we do in the beginning of each project.  In the case of insufficient information when building small vessels, we can offer onsite measuring service. To ensure the high standard of a build all processes are kept in-house following strict quality control. Designing a 3D CAD model ensures a solid foundation for a high precision scale model. Using the latest technological advances, we can increase the production speed especially in multiple quantities. What sets apart a high-quality model with an average one is the combination of shipbuilding and model making knowledge, machine equipment and hand craft skills of the model maker.     

Our portfolio includes merchant ships, supply vessels, passenger ships, navy vessels, submarines, research vessels, leisure boats and small watercrafts. Depending on the client’s needs the model can be arranged in different ways such as waterline model, aged for realistic look, diorama capturing a

scene or a standard look. Each model comes with a regular plinth or cradle but for a special displays custom service can be provided. These delicate and fragile models need custom packing and exceptional handling during transport and installation therefore we offer guidance on this matter. 

Ss Corinthic Model Ship 2