Yacht models are often commissioned by yacht builders, designers, brokers or owners to be displayed at prestigious boat shows, presentations or for private collections. We know how important it is for our clients to create realistic representation

of their yacht, therefore every aspect of the vessel is meticulously crafted down to the finest detail.  Particularly specialising in nautical scale prototypes, we pride ourselves on creating high end timeless pieces of art. Understanding the nature of our niche we guarantee absolute confidentiality.

Yacht Model Martha Gunn 50

The recipe for a true masterpiece involves the combination of modern manufacturing technologies with precise and delicate handwork of an artisan. These boutique models are exact replica of the yacht and demonstrate its sleek shapes and elegant forms for everyone to admire. In order to stay ahead of the curve, we are continuously investing in new technologies and improving the production capabilities. To fully cater to our clients’ needs we keep them involved in every major stage of the design and production. The key factor for constantly maintaining superior quality and reliability is keeping all manufacturing processes under one roof. 

Producing a yacht or superyacht scale model usually takes a few weeks and is completes once the model is transported and assembled to its desired destination where it makes its debut. We know that in time the yacht models might need

some maintenance therefore we offer repair and refit service. Our passion is the main source of energy which leaves its mark on each scale yacht setting us apart from others. Luxury and super scale models with our signature can be seen displayed all around world.

Yacht Model Martha Gunn 37