Nowadays in the corporate world companies often change ownership so does their vessels, properties, vehicles or heavy machinery. As a result of these changes companies often reach out us to rebrand their existing scale models. Our bespoke

service aims to satisfied the most pretentious of clients. We do not make any compromise with quality, reliability and confidentiality as we believe they are the main components in a good business relationship.

9 Valaris 8503 Semi Submersible

The rebranding of a scale model could be a mixture of different processes. We are able to repaint the existing model in the colour scheme matching the new brand often using colour codes provided by the client. New logos and artwork can be designed on graphic design software based on which the new decals will be manufactured. Often rebranding comes together with refit and upgrades therefore we should replicate all the changes to the model. In many cases restoration is necessary before the rebranding due to the deterioration of the model in time. Depending of the complexity of the work and condition of the model some of the projects can be done on site or carried out in our workshop.

For a complete finish the rebranded model can be supplied with a bespoke plinth, cover or cabinet. We are able to provide a variety of arrangements for the installation for example lobby displays, hanged models, build in display

wall. There are different options for a model to be displayed in interactive way depending on the client’s needs and requirements.  Most of the scale models are extremely delicate and fragile therefore we provide custom packing and careful handling during transport and installation. 

8 Valaris 8503 Semi Submersible