In contrast with contemporary ship or boat restorations, the period ship models are linked with historical heritage. Restoring historic models requires a great deal of knowledge far exceeding those needed to build it from scratch. The approach to each individual restoration project is different depending on the damages, quality of the model, age, level

deterioration of the materials. Bespoke restoration and maintenance service can be devised to bring back the model to its former glory no matter the location, size, age or condition. Throughout the years we restored models for museums, maritime organisations and private collectors.

Hms Albion Model Ship Restoration 21

At the inception of each restoration project, we review the supplied photos of the current stage of the ship model and provide an estimation of the work that will be carried out. After conducting a thorough inspection of each individual part, a detailed report is composed outlining the stages involved. Due to the nature and complexity of the work a huge research and careful planning is performed at the first stage of each project. Depending on the materials and condition different chemical solutions are prepared in order to effectively remove the dust, dirt and grime settled during the years. Time causes deterioration of the materials as a result cracks can form, construction warping occurs, joins brake therefore the structures must be internally reinforced to repair and prevent their development in the future. Long term exposure to UV light causes degradation of the sails, flags and ropes of the rigging and in some cases need replacement. Destroyed or missing parts should be accurately replicated by either using plans or existing parts. 

To gain the authentic look each replaced detail should be perfectly matched using different aging techniques. Small scale models such as prisoner of war bone model ships require great patience and fine hand working skills. To

prevent exposure to insects and moisture we can design and manufacture a bespoke sealed display case which blends with the original look of the model. Once the model restoration is finished different conservation techniques are used to make sure the model will last for the years to come.  

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