Much like the diverse number of vessels in the water each restoration project is different and unique. Damages of scale models incur due to trade fairs, transport or bad handling, faded colours because of the UV light or deterioration of the materials in time. No matter the location, size, type of the

model and condition we provide compete restoration and maintenance service to return the model to its original state.   In our years of experience in restoring models we have worked with museums, corporate clients, private collectors and charity organisations.

Ss Corinthic Model Ship 4

Reviewing all information and photos provided by the client determine the current state of the ship or boat model, based on which we prepare an initial estimation. As soon as the model is delivered to our workshop, a detailed inspection of the model is carried out based on which full report explaining all the stages involved will be issued. Minor repair and maintenance may include full scale cleaning, touch ups, plaque replacement, change of plinth and display cover. Major restoration works due to hits, cracks, bad handling and deterioration of materials involve complex rebuilding processes. When having to deal with structural damages on hulls and superstructures internal reinforcement is often inserted to eliminate such occurrence in the future. In order to repair fundamental components in some cases, undamaged parts or structures must be taken apart. Lost or destroyed parts and fittings can be replicated based on the existing ones or designed using plans.  

In addition to the restoration process, we are able to make further improvements such as new cradle or plinth, display cover, addition or replacement of fittings and details in order to improve the quality of the model. Nature of the work demands us to carry out the work mostly by hand having in mind fragility of the details. Models exposed to UV light for a long period of time resulting in yellowing and faded

colours should be repainted. In some cases, wooden surfaces have to be sanded down, repaired and later refinished. Any materials, colour, finishes, shape and antique and aged effect can be perfectly matched to fulfil the desired results. Every model deserves to be in pristine condition for the times to come. 

Ss Corinthic Model Ship 2