Just like the real yacht must go back to the shipyard for repairs and maintenance, the scale model has the same needs. Due to the many boat shows, transport or bad handling, faded colours because of the UV light the scale model yacht can suffer

damages and lose its glow. From collection through the maintenance and repair to delivery and installation we offer a complete service. Whether working for a corporate client or private owner the full confidentiality is guaranteed. 

Yacht Model Martha Gunn 5

In the beginning of every project, we review the photos provided to determine the current condition of the yacht model, based on which we make an initial estimation. A full report explaining all the stages involved will be made based on the inspections carried out once the model arrives in our workshop. Minor repair and maintenance may include full scale cleaning and touch ups. Structural damages as a result of hits, cracks and bad handling may have to be rebuild. In order to repair fundamental components in some cases, undamaged parts or structures must be taken apart. Lost or destroyed parts can be replicated based on the existing or designed using plans. 

The finish of the paintwork of a yacht model is essential in the perception of the viewer. Models exposed to UV light for a long period of time resulting in yellowing and faded colours should be polished or resprayed. We work with a

wide range of materials, and we are able to produce a verity of finishes to fulfil the desired results. Having the ability to match any colour, material and shape in a seamless way we bring back the brilliance of your yacht model.

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