Scale models are very delicate, fragile and valuable items which requires specific care during its most vulnerable period – transportation and handling. Our knowledge and experience enable us to provide a range of bespoke options for the different projects. We can deliver compact models to required address using car or van. Larger or more complex projects will

be managed and installed on site by our team to ensure a flawless completion of the work. During some restoration projects where the model is in poor condition bad handling can cause further damages. In these cases, we send a model maker to secure the model before the transport takes place. 

13 Valaris Ds 8 Drill Ship Scale Model

Each project has different specifications therefore we can provide bespoke transport solutions. When the model needs to travel long distance, we can build custom flight case or wooden crate. The transport enclosers can be branded with desired artwork and logos. For special occasions such as exhibitions and trade shows we are able to modify the case or crate to act as a base and blend with the plinth of the model. For maximum safety during transport foam inserts, lining and dividers can be designed to accommodate the shapes of the model. Whenever dealing with more complex restoration projects bespoke shock and vibration absorbing solutions can be used. 

Due to a number of reasons a company or private person might need temporary storage options. It is essential the model to be stored in a controlled environment with constant temperature, low humidity and away from UV light in order

to ensure it safety.  If your model is going to be displayed for fixed amount of time at an exhibition or event or relocating office or residence and require temporary storage, we offer short term or long term solutions.

11 Valaris 8503 Semi Submersible